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5 thoughts on “Gästebuch

  1. The brits kept them well exploited and under developed, all that time under british rule zimbabweans could have made something for themselves instead of feeding british monarchs and their looting generals
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  2. Great article, super thought provoking, and excellent resources to explore these ideas further. Having been schooled and trained in the discipline of Rhetoric, I’m continually sickened by the outright manipulation and lack of human kindness that goes on in our country on a daily basis. I watched a recent interview, by a German magazine, of Edward Snowden today, apparently censored in the US & on YouTube, also thought provoking, that raises issues manifested by the scalability that our Forefathers never had the ability to contemplate, and had been passed on to Congress after Congress after Congress. The “is it real” food issue, GMO FREE USA, in my opinion, has manifested itself from those same scalability issues and human greed. As I have daily dialectics, with myself, on these issues, it warms me to have a source, as knowledgeable as yourself, to learn about some of these issues I heretofore was ignorant about. Thank you so much for the contribution, and your contributions going forward as I sort these issues out for myself.
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  3. well thanks for the info I did call and found all to be true anybody can call to find out they are quite helpful and forthcoming they ajurned it in october and are setting a new trial date. There seem to be several attorneys involved also They said this is a very big case so many involved. they decided to group them together as the complaints are the same also some separate. They are aware of secound group forming They said it should go alot quicker depending on out come INteresting to say the least So you nonbelievers call youll see it is indeed more than a few WOW
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